Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Carolana Parlato
The Kiss

Eric Sall
Icy Hot

Christina Sucgang
Someday Maybe

Wallace Whitney
no caption info

Jasmine Justice
Big Rock Candy

Michael Cody Drury

Elizabeth Cooper
(no caption info)

Mary Heilmann
Go Ask Alice
oil on canvas

One of my favorite things about Mary Heilmann's paintings are those fucked up drips. They communicate a kind of resignation. They're a shrug, an "oh well," a "sorry, I just couldn't help that..." It is a gesture without drama, not uptight, but, rather, in a casual, almost flippant, manner. This is a kind of giving up that accepts that it's giving up and learns to live with itself. It’s completely unheroic. It is not about "I am nature." It's simply nature, the nature of gravity. Nothing else. Paint drips. If you load the brush with too much paint it drips. And here is where the thing reverses itself. You see it is in this way that it's a form of trying too hard. The kind of trying too hard that usually fails, that comes on too strong, that, well, acts like a drip.

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