Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mostly Motion Graphics Classics

Kyle Cooper, 2004

Saul Bass, 1963

James Whitney, Permutations, 1966

Len Lye, Free Radicals, 1958

Maurice Binder, 1973

Nando Costa

Norman McLaren, A Phantasy, 1952

Pablo Ferro, 1964

Ed Tannenbaum and Paul Pfeiffer

I dig the music in the Tannenbaum video. It's credited to Might Dog. Who's that? It makes me think of ESG. It kicks a a similar early 80s, New Wave funk vibe. The primitive computer graphic effects (the video dates from 1982) jive well with it. Compare this video with Paul Pfeiffer's "Live Evil" (2003).

Ed Tannenbaum, "Digital Dance", 1982

Paul Pfeiffer, "Live Evil", 2003