Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Some ideas for a screening at this gallery and maybe something else...

Showbeast, Crazy Wave

Kevin Regan, Standardized Generalized Symbol Language

Art of Bleeding, Introducting Art of Bleeding

Showbeast, Mountain of Skulls

Jimmy Joe Roche, YouTube Apocalypse

Martha Colburn, Dispell (excerpt)

Frog, Peeair and the Pill Poppers, 2007

Kevin Regan, Receiver, 2001

Alan Cordell, Obloy Syndrome: "Bluh Bleh" (Bone Gunner), 2007

Paperrad, Umbrella zombie datamosh mistake, 2007

Frog, The Amazing Mr. Slug Performs Stand Up"

Baltimore Shopping Network, Excalibur Remix, 2007