Thursday, August 23, 2007

open studio, Fall 2007

Jim Nastics
took these pictures. I just came across 'em. He hadn't mentioned that they were online. You never think about all the photos of you out there. There are so many photos of you that you don't know about. How many photos of you are out there in the world? Many of them belong to people you know but what about the ones that belong to people you don't know? Or people you only at best sort of know? What about the times you ended up walking into the background of some stranger's snapshot? When I was in high-school I spent some time playing a game of intentionally doing this. And what about that time some friend of a friend (or the sister of some friend of a friend) took a picture of you when you passed out, drunk, at a party, and they drew a penis on your face with a Sharpie? And what about all the "official" or documentary photos? Photos taken for identification purposes, insurance purposes, legal reasons? And how many of those photos are online? Even if they're online if they're unlabeled it's unlikely you will ever know of them. It's possible that someone, right now, somewhere, is looking at a photo of you. A photo you know nothing about...

That's me on the left in the top picture. I'm talking to Eleanor. I'm glad she came by. With this picture I'm inclined to fixate on my hair more than anything else. I cut my hair off at the end of the year. I'm growing it long again. It will look like this come December. You can spend as much as you want on a haircut when you only get one a year. I'm not sure the stylists like it because it's more work for them and they are getting only a single tip for the effort. So you have to tip well. I know all about this.

In the third photo Chris has his back to the camera. He's talking to Brody whom you can barely see.


Anonymous said...

I was also fixating on your hair in that pic - i love it.
grow it out - no expensive (or otherwise) haircuts in 07.

The Hanger-On said...

My hair looks weird too, but I think it's because it's blending with Brody's hair. I like that shirt I'm wearing. It reminds me of Albers's color gradations. Or making a test print when printing black-and-white photographs.