Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day (1985)

Margaret Griffis took this photo. Isn't it wonderful? When did I meet Margaret? Four or five or so years after this show...? It was when I played in this stupid punk band in Gainesville with Brian and Ivan. I went to see this show with my stepbrother, Kevin. We drove to Ft. Lauderdale from Palm Beach Gardens, where we grew up and, at the time, I had just graduated from high school. This was the second punk rock show I ever saw -- in my entire life (man). The first was Husker Du on tour for New Day Rising at the same place, Fireman's Hall. I remember them playing the entire fucking album. I was in love with that album at the time. They played their hearts out. (I'm still talking about Husker Du). This Black Flag show, however, was incredibly hot. At one point Henry Rollins stopped the show so everyone could go outside and cool off. It was after all South Florida. And I guess the air conditioner was not working...? I hate the heat. I thought Black Flag was better the second time I saw them, in Gainesville, Fla. about six months later. Jill, who I would meet about three or so years later, in Gainesville, Fla., "ripped my tickets." We, as I mentioned on one prior instance in this particular forum, dated and drank barrels and barrels of sweet alcohol together. I was even arrested once! Ivan, who played in said stupid punk band with me as well as another even stupider punk band with me, it turns out was at both of these shows too. I met him three or four or so or something like that years later.

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Margaret Griffis said...

I briefly played in that stupid punk band with you. Here is some evidence that is oddly related to this conversation.

outer side

I believe I went to that show--Black Flag-- with Jennifer, Andres, and Alex (who is now Ursula 1000). I got kicked in the head while taking pictures from that area of the stage. Some stage diver didn't quite get enough lift. All those guys you see in the front and Greg Ginn looked at me like they were expecting me to pass out or something. He kicked me in the head--not anyplace that would hurt.